Since 1983, interior specialist, Anthony Michael, has brought influential clients around the world a universal perspective and unsurpassed level of taste, attention, style and service.

The firm, spearheaded by Anthony Michael, specializes in classical, contemporary and eclectic interior design for residences, specialty restaurants and retail, yachts, and private aircraft from his interior design studio. Anthony Michael has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades, including the prestigious Designer of the Year and Retail Designer of the Year from the renowned Chicago Tribune.

His projects continue to garner rave reviews for their ingenious use of space, planning, colors and textures, not to mention his unsurpassed style and white-glove client service. Anthony Michael and his dynamic team continue to be the design firm of choice to Chicago’s most influential and discerning residents.


We last did our home 20 years ago and it was time to refresh. Needless to say, we didn’t seriously consider searching for a designer. Our indecision changed when we met Anthony in the condo which he designed and furnished for our friends. Each room was stunning. His selections of wall coverings, window treatments and furnishings and accessories were spot on. Quiet elegance and yet very livable. My wife and I both knew then and there that we would commission Anthony to bring our tired home back to life. We just had our “Reveal.” Our master bedroom/bath and family rooms are absolutely stunning. Though we had intended to refresh the LR, DR and remaining bedrooms at a later date, they are our next immediate project for Anthony Michael. While we’re pleased with our designer 20 years ago, Anthony is in a league all his own. After our first meeting he understood exactly what we wanted and executed his design to ensure that we would he completely happy. We have so much faith in Anthony that we are starting phase 2 immediately and are leaving all decisions in his hands.
Arthur Tarvardian

We hired Anthony Michael to decorate and furnish our 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath apartment. We had intended to interview 3 designers, but after meeting Anthony and seeing his latest project, we felt Anthony was the man for the job! We didn’t know what a great decision it was until we walked into our finished home! He was fun and knowledgeable, and so creative. He gave us choices, and the few times we didn’t agree, he came up with just the right substitute! He always wanted us to understand what he envisioned. After working with him for awhile, we agreed to something we might be a little unsure of, so as not to cheat ourselves of his amazing ideas, and never regretted it. We left to go to Florida for 3 months and he and his crew swept in and created their magic. We talked every day to see how things were going. He was on top of everything going on, and required everyone working for him to not only do their their job, but to be respectful of our home, as far as cleaning up everyday, etc. When we walked in the door, our home was complete, and stunningly beautiful!!! We are still thrilled! Anthony, also, made it a home we could live in, and comfortable having our young Grandchildren visit. He even left a binder with information on who to call for cleaning, which lightbulbs to use. a list of our floral needs. I could go on, but needless to say, we highly recommend Anthony Michael.
Margo Kadjan

This is my 2nd home that Anthony is designing for me and I couldn’t be more excited! We have known each other on a professional level for the past 17 years and he designed my first home within the past 8 years. It turned out absolutely gorgeous and surpassed my expectations beyond anything I could have imagined. His design was completely ahead of it’s time and added an amazing amount of value to my property when I finally sold it just recently. Also, my profession is in the real estate field so I am privy to other interior designers’ designs and Anthony Michael is in a field all his own! My new project is much more industrial themed and we just finished the initial presentation. I was blown away to put it mildly! I basically gave him free range to create any design that he thought would fit my new space and he has again exceeded my now even higher expectations! Anthony is not only transforming my home into a space that will not easily be forgotten, he has done so in record time! It is amazing and, quite frankly, a blessing to have someone create something for you that you don’t have one single issue with, down to the smallest detail. Everything is perfect! I can’t recommend him enough and can not WAIT until the reveal later this month!!
George Cain

As a long-term partner (nearly 20 years) to Anthony Michael Interiors our company, Perfection Custom Closets, has designed, built and installed Dressing Rooms, Master Closets, Kid’s Closets, Pantries, Laundry Rooms and storage solutions throughout the homes and condos of many of Anthony’s clients.

Anthony’s team brings a level of professionalism to every project that is not common to many interior designers. He is an expert in planning, budgeting, and the construction process. Anthony and his Designers strive to “do what is best for the client,” from the Master Dressing Room Closet to the Storage Closet in the basement.

Sometimes the project requires simple and cost effective closets and sometimes the “Wow” of a Master Dressing Room Closet is on Anthony’s agenda. So often “Wow” starts with just a picture of a closet that Anthony envisions, and we work with him to help that vision come true. Anthony’s knowledge of our capabilities and his overall attention to detail makes a project flow smoothly from inception to completion. Anthony is great to work with and can help you bring that “Wow” to your home.
Perfection Custom Closets